Talent Optimization & Organization Effectiveness

Business performance is challenged, turn over hits, employee disengaged – many Business leader face it.

There is a direct relation between Business strategy, Talent optimization & Business result. Talent gap is a serious issue. When the issue is optimising   your most important business asset -your people-

Complex or challenging, it doesn’t matter, we have the expertise to analyse the data & analytics to comprehend the job requirement, predict workplace behaviour & identify the right candidate & the right workforce to meet your emerging business requirements & to optimise employees’ engagement.

Leadership Assessment & Coaching and Mentoring:

Leadership according to Peter Drucker- is the lifting of a man’s vision to higher sights, the raising of a man’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a man’s personality beyond its normal limitations” Gone are the days of authority & command
ASENTREK Global approaches aspire to deliver immediate results by profiling candidates for top management roles, assessing critical talents and executing succession planning.
Our leadership assessment techniques and approaches help to identify and evaluate high-potential executives to fill the organization development gap. After an appropriate selection of recruited talents our team of global industrial experts will mentor and churn every individual to more buoyant leaders who will own the ability and foresight to excel in a complex environment and successfully meet your business goals.

Talent Development and Management

We focus on Strategic employee planning & our responsibility doesn’t ends at talent acquisition.

We ensure that every business should meets its strategic and operational objectives. Performance Management is extremely crucial -every organization are well aware. Employee’s disengagement is a major concern. It needs to define the learning & Coaching process. Compensation design. Defining a clear career development path & succession planning. This is only possible when the acquired young talents will be mentored with suitable employee development sessions.

From designing & offering Industry specific suitable training programs, on-job learning to 360° assessment, ASENTREK Global HR mentors will motivate and nurture skills and knowledge to gain the maximum productive outcome. Proper development, monitoring and management of the talent will effectively lead towards the contribution of a sustainable organization.

Human Capital Audit & Effectiveness

Human Capital is the best resource for organization & like precious resource needs to be revalued & reshaped. Organization needs to have a Human Capital management strategy defining Clarity in Human capital Goal & direction, clarity in accountability system, an intense implementation plan strategy & policies to accomplish objectives & goals. Our helps to design organization specific strategy, policy & provide comprehensible diagnostic tools and methods to measure performance aligned to organization’s Value & Goal. Further human capital audit helps in evaluating the performance, practices, cost risk, gap, strengths and weakness of an organization. Our systematic review and policies help strengthen any business by minimising risk like attrition, low productivity, inefficient moral or statutory non- compliances.

Additionally, ASENTREK Global assures to maintain the competitive advantage productively by designing critical survey programs, conducting change assessment workshops, acquiring innovative talents.

Digital HR and Organization Transformation

New normal way of the organization may strongly focus on digital transformation of people management process. Human capital re-engineering to build innovative wok, workplace & workforce practices. Use of disruptive technology to drive employee’s productivity & experience are now no new thing & many enlighten organizations are using it. In this ever-changing Business world building futuristic capabilities & talent ecosystem to de risk business & sustaining growth is extremely important.

Value creation through optimised human capital management & leverage distribution dynamics is the critical front for organization growth & sustenance. Industry 4.0 needs Agile leadership with creative thinking abilities for enterprise value creation. Many SME may find it difficult to access proper expert & technology.

Asentrek Global team offers solution for SME as well as corporates to design & implement innovation digital HR transformation which will help organizational transformation & exponential growth.

Optimization of Marketing and Selling

Marketing & selling are like Blood supply chain in Business enterprise. Customer experience is the ultimate target of all business.

Engaging Customer is the most challenging task for any organization & that is the ultimate challenge to optimise Market. Marketing optimization can be confusing & costly both in this superfast changing social media driven world.it all depend on your organizational capacity of analysing data for insight & understanding & delivering the value impact before your audience.

You need easily accessible data & capacity to analyse & visualise the outcome. Marketing is more focussing on creating a value brand & optimising multiple channel marketing. Understanding ROI on different channel & setting up metrics for different channel is very critical. Our digital expert team helps business owner to organise & use their data source &help to design optimum marketing strategy & implement them for precision focus to meet Customer expectation as well as reaching uncharted territory.

Sales optimization focuses on hiring right talent in the role of Sales manager & sales people, Creating a robust sales funnel for generating leads.
Optimizing Marketing & sales channel is like creating a philharmonic orchestra each reciprocate others & they are the oxygen for Business house.

Cutting edge Sales training & Coaching is the need of hour to help your business to upscale sales, marketing and superb customer experience. We offer all solution including Marketing survey to understand Customer experience & requirement.

Apart from this our marketing and public relations mentors will leverage for entity value creation, visibility optimization, setting metrics and KPI’s, defining marketing strategy and many other approaches to accomplish end goals.