Industry Expertise

Business Services

We partner with company & consultants offering professional and IT services, on-site services, and services to municipalities to transform business.


Small & Medium Business

Health care



Communication & Media

Our data driven solution platforms helps SME to upscale the operations & build immersive experience for clients & rebuilding the business in post pandemic & escalate business resilience.
New normal created new consumers need & demand. Media needs to be simple, reliable & efficient. Connectivity is no longer an option & data security has become most critical driver. We help with expanding portfolio & product.

Retail, Distribution & Whole Sale

More & more buyers are online & they now have variety of choice & price. Retail business is changing very fast & ecommerce has taken a lead. Driving the business growth & retaining the customer & reaching new & ever-changing market needs focus, innovation in distribution channels. Reduction of entry barrier & exposure to bigger experience is leading More & more SMEs relying on Digital supply channel. Our endeavour is to synchronise between talent, technology & demand.


We are heading in new Education era with change of education policies. New regulation created new opportunity in the vast panorama of education & many institution facing a need for transformation in both academic module, faculty & also the delivery model. More & more online education gaining momentum. Asentrek global has extensive experience in offering effective advise & consultation with digital solutions in developing educational enterprise in changing scenario with support for upskilling to thrive & grow.

Financial Services

Reducing operational cost & developing most agile customer service is the new challenge for financial service organizations. AG offer AI based solution for optimising process, managing risk, creating better customer interface reduce operational cost & creating a better customer experience. We also work on organizational effectiveness, Growth strategy & compliance, merger & acquisition& also performance improvement for financial services.

Healthcare Management

Quality health care with affordable cost -need for all. A proper population health management program will integrate clinical, operational data with finance management strategy to provide actionable insights that will help improve the healthcare provider’s efficiency and the level of patient care.

Intelligent tool with Innovative solutions with improved quality of patient experience is the focus of population health care consultancy. We have proven tech-based solution & wide range of experienced advisors to manage the entire management cycle to improve health outcome with better people’s experience.

We offer process & system management consulting, IT & Cyber risk management consulting, Analytics & insight management consulting, Collaborative healthcare consulting.

Retail & Consumer Good

We deliver significant visible difference in our client’s sales growth & profitability. Our experience advisors is well aware of retail business changes & challenges of regaining customer confidence & c customers loyalty. Consumer product experience has gone through a vast change by digital interventions. Capturing organic & inorganic growth is now a needs a fresh look. A robust supply chain & logistic with a state of art front end support is the need of the hour.

We work on providing right strategy to design a compelling commercial pricing & offer by using big data & analytics. We partner with clients to cocreate digital & multichannel experience. Exclusively Work on marketing strategy, operational management & commercial transformation for reaching the unexplored market & creating customer’s experience.


One of the key resources in Industry development -Energy focus has been shifting due to environmental awareness & shift in regulatory focus. Focus on alternate channel rising slowly. Higher industrial activity demands higher energy consumptions, Limited resource of production is leading for more environment friendly energy resource like nuclear energy, solar energy, Wind energy ,Bio fuel & Hydroelectric energy which are also effective in reducing carbon foot print.AG with our vertical of experts helping clients in building right strategy to get right partner ,right technical collaboration to sort complex business problem .

Transport & Logistics-Urban & Smart City Transport Platform

The industry is facing a challenging time with increase market volatility. Digital players can leverage

Agile business model to meet more demanding customer expectation like 24*7 smooth Customer service with flexibility in supply chain. Our expert digital solution team offers unique strategy based on the specific enterprise requirement designed by use of block chain & analytics. We worked with Governments to built Urban & city transport platforms synchronising seamlessly with the robust transport infrastructure for better fleet management.

Creating Demand & Supply in Hyper Logistic

The demand of consumer to delivery everything on door step is the most critical need of the hour. Increasingly companies are focusing creating a Hyper local supply chain based on use of to rise to the occasion. It is a perfect blend of local market & digital platforms synergy to offer more reachability to both supplier & consumer. We offer to design the right business model with blend of technology & management strategy to lead this growing demand business which needs both efficient delivery model with efficient productive field, Logistic management in peak hour & countering traffic congestions.

Environment-Pollution Monitoring, Analysis & Recommendation Platform

Air quality is not only a challenge but a serious threat for any government, Administrator to any citizen. Air pollution is the 4th most fatal health risk & also in almost a global big city the impact is visible like low traffic visibility, congestions, increase in health problems. More & more focus on designing digital solutions to regulate & control air pollutions leading to early death.

Many government & bodies like WHO now emphasising more on quality of air & investing heavily to develop regulatory control & state of art equipment for solutions.AG offer IoT& Analytics  based solutions for pollution analysis & monitoring which can be used in Health sector, Education sector & regulatory agencies.

Agri Business

India is an Agri economy & worldwide there will be precision focus in Agri business. Covid caused serious realignments in agriculture & food value chain. Also changing lifestyle & consumption habits across the globe created new demands both in domestic & global consumptions.

More focus is now on AGRO tech business by using AI based solution for guided harvest & better-quality grains. More affordable processed food is in demand along with organic products.
AG experts offer solution in skilling farmers & Argo entrepreneurs in using new tech-based farming & building a viable supply chain & eco system in Agri business by building growth strategy, exposure to global practice more operational efficiency.


A national over all progress heavily rely on the focus on Infrastructure building. Be it transport or health care or education or administration, road ways Vibrant & viable infrastructure is needed.  IT Infrastructure plays a critical role.

We offer solutions on Financial & transaction advisory, economic consulting & strategy & business planning& digital technology implementations also support in M& A through an integrated proven approach which link commercial diligence & merger integration.