Digital Transformation & Innovation

Digital Strategy & Transformation

FOR AGILE BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION -Digital Strategy will be the game changer to make better experiential value, better customer experience by optimising product quality & best operational structure .Our team Industry experts helps you to optimise the efficiency for faster execution in the ever more disruptive business eco system with use of cutting edge technology.

Helping to Build a network for academic institutions and industry for the Centre of Excellences and Tech-Hub, so that materials, devices, and computing research and development may be may be carried out for the benefit of the end users, along with manpower training.

Digital transformation aims to transform Customer experience, operational process -Helps to builds new agile business model.

Our Digital strategy experts & associates helps you to enhance, build & transform Digital capabilities.

Data Analytics for AI Driven Business Process Re-engineering

Superpower. Organisations are going the use more data driven analytics to reach & match customer’s expectation & experience. AI powered Social Media Analytics – Market Researcher, Competitor Analytics, Product Performance, Demand Analytics they will be the key differentiator for identifying new growth & revenue opportunity.

Digital Marketing

World is digital & your business needs a cutting edge digital marketing strategy to stay ahead of business. Right from website design to right content creation, SEO optimization & social media campaign we connect you to experts with proven track records for more website traffic & better online result.

Enterprise Technology

More demand is now on enterprise platform for optimising It governance for better integration of Customer relation, supply chain management & smooth data sharing, better content management in New normal scenario.

We have solutions

  • Digital platform for Small & medium business organizations
  • Extensive COE experience for IoT based solutions.
  • Agri-Tech solutions
  • IoT based solutions for SME
  • Academia-End to End Learning management System & Scholl management system
  • Blockchain solutions for BFSI-Hyper ledger Blockchain integration
  • Data Analytics for Small Business.
  • Healthcare-Create a single view of your healthcare organisation – analysing patient data, clinical data, supplier data, financial data, stuff data and many more. Better Risk Analysis (financial risks, clinical risks or operational risks)
  • Banking and Financial Institutions AI based solution
  • E2E secured Cloud IoT platform
  • Cyber security range
  • Predictive Maintenance for the Transportation Industry

New Business Innovation

Innovation is the only way in disruptive world to survive, thrive & grow. Organizations are more inclined to focus more on new R& D.

We offer Cutting edge AI Lab support for R&D, Cyber range experience & IoT R & D lab – so that Engineering, Management schools, R & D labs and start-ups and business houses are to join hands to initiate product/development based research for the MNC, MSME and start-ups and create a fruitful nexus between Industry & Academy in the county.

Accelerator Solutions for SME, Financial & Health Sector

To speed up operational efficiency & productivity we have solutions like

  • Conversational AI solution – conversational banking and for other industries and domains where services can be availed through conventional channels like Chatbot, WhatsApp, various messengers, voice enabled devices like Alexa, Google Home, Google Assistance etc.
  • Cognitive Automation of Customer Service /Customer Care and Analytics – End to end automation of customer service and quality monitoring and guidance.
  • Cognitive Email Automation and analytics – End to end automation of email units of customer services.
  • Cognitive Insurance Claims processing.
  • Building high end Recommendation Engines for different domains and business use cases.
  • Unstructured document processing solutions.
  • Various Cognitive solutions pertaining Banking and Finance – related to Predictions, Forecasting, Advanced Analytics, High End NLP engines.
  • Cognitive Security Solutions – Security and Identity Management solutions using Computer Vision and Speech Analytics.
  • AI enabled Geo Fencing solutions.

Cyber Security

To protect your business & customers from ever increasing problems like ransomware, e-fencing  & phishing attack Our Cyber Team  offering solutions for

  • IT Risk & Security Strategy
  • Application Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Compliance Service
  • Infrastructure Security