Business Transformation

Creation of Business Strategy & Portfolio Dimensioning

To achieve breakthrough result & get competitive advantage Business strategy design plays a

Pivotal role. Drivers such as technological disruption, Deregulation, Global business change, Pandemic -creating deep impact in Business environment. No one strategy can be full & final in this fastest changing world. You need a dynamic business strategy to sustain, thrive & grow & add value to your stake holders.

Top management leaders are always in search of innovative ideas & strategy to reposition brands & reclaim the market share. Our experts have the proven experience & expertise to develop

Competitive process frame work & clear tactical choices based on the vision & mission of business.

Portfolio Dimensioning helps a business to look strategically in success prospect within each of industries when you have many verticals to operate. It’s very crucial to understand the market presence & market share & the growth rate of that specific industry. Based on the priority in alignment with goal we help clients to design proper portfolio dimensioning.

Business Growth Accelerator Roadmap

A roadmap signifies the blue print of your business growth. For any entity there should be a clear roadmap to accelerate the growth of the business. Our team of industry experts guides you to accelerate and achieve your business goals optimistically.

  • Feasibility Assessment-Helps to identify strength & weakness, specific opportunity, determining objectives & successful outcome. Its has to check market viability, Business model viability ,tech viability Management model & various other critical issue.
  • Product strategy-Designing a good product is always a challenge. It needs integration between market feedback, design & innovation & of course affordability for the target segment. Understanding the market need & how it can solve people’s problem & extremely critical in this process.
  • Market strategy- Early focus on 4 P of market strategy like Product, Placement ,Price & promotion marketing strategy the focus is more on creating customer experience by focussing on customer convenience & affordability. We help you to design innovative strategy.
  • Channel strategy-We help to design Effective channel strategy to reach customer through optimising various channel reach.
  • Marketing Sales & distribution Strategy- We focus on easy way to reaching your target customer & help you to design exponential marketing strategy to reach & charter untapped territory.

Shared Service Strategy Enablement & Value Creation

Designing a functional shared service like service delivery scope ,approach & technology to multifunctional shared service to integrated share service  your organization needs a clear road for moving further in value chain

Sales and Marketing

The Glocal market has given access to extend your customer reach. Without marketing & sales strategy you cannot expect growth & churning profits.How to deliver your message to right audience & deliver a perfect product to make better customer experience is a challenge. Business Leaders needs expert’s intervention to sharpen the strategy every time with ever changing market.

Corporate Finance & Restructuring

Our targeted offerings include business visibility study, budgeting & expense management, outsourcing of finance & Accounts, Audit & compliance.Provide a holistic risk management service. SOP for telecom & banking operation & Manufacturing & infrastructure. cash flow management, IPO management with restructuring of accounts with legal & compliance support. Fraud & Forensic investigation, Credit appraisal of customer of Bank & NBFC post-acquisition integration, valuation, tax advisory as well as financial management and performance improvement solutions. Also dealing with external stake holder like RBI, SEBI & Statutory authority.

Business Digitization Strategy

For the next level of your organizational transformation in this VUCA world it is the best possible solution of accessing the full proof management solution, to having flexible & agile infrastructure to design innovative product to optimise supply chain to optimising sales & market reach to product innovation to HR solution & offering the best possible customer service .Digitization is the most focused area in any business domain .

We help Designing a Business digitization strategy to create a digital organization & to develop a digital business model. We work with you to design growth transformation to optimise revenue, broaden customer base adopt new culture & creating better customer experience with unique brand strategy.

Cyber Risk

With the emergence of new business world & every business is now either online or using adopting technology to stay ahead. Online exposure also makes us vulnerable to cyber threats.

A cyber risk is a serious potential danger for any organisation.

Focussing this we need to design a cyber strategy & adopt transformation to minimise the potential threats & damages.

Our experts can help on checking Cyber security conformity to check compliance level, helps to build cyber defence & Identify & access management. Design & optimise strategy to privacy & data protection.